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Inspiring science in education

Taking the classroom to the 21st century

Space science is always exciting

Keep the students engaged (age: 13+)

AstroMissions has the right content to keep students interested in STEM subjects. Learn more about science, technology, and space.

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Take advantage of Technology

Classrooms are becoming more dynamic

The schools of the 21st century take advantage of technology. But with so many digital distractions, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep students engaged with learning.

Today's classrooms already have the necessary computers and laptops to prepare the students. AstroMissions allows teachers and educators to take full advantage of them.

AstroMissions in your school

Bring your school to the 21st century

Tomorrow's challenges will be solved by today's students. We want scientific literate people around us and it all starts in school. AstroMissions is an amazing resource with scientifically accurate facts. Science is exciting!

No special training is required. Use AstroMissions in your science classroom or introduce it as a new school activity.

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Increase global awareness

World problems that affect their generation

The missions include topics about today's existing problems around the world. How can we address the problems that are around us? Global warming, pollution, or plastic waste? Raise global citizens that have perspective of issues that we face today.

Science is being threatened!

Wrong information is spreading like wildfire

"Fake news", flat Earth believers, and climate change deniers. When did society started to believe that the earth is flat? Unfortunately, the Information Age also brought disinformation, it's like truth no longer matters.

AstroMissions will always be scientifically accurate!

What is AstroMissions?

A satellite simulator with missions

Interactive missions with hands-on learning. Get to know the latest advancements in rocketry, take a cosmic voyage through the universe, and record spectacular videos and photos from space.

Thrilling discovery, mind-blowing exploration, breathtaking experiences.

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Inspire your students to become the next generation of space scientists

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