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Interactive Missions

Do you think rocket science is only for the gifted ones? AstroMissions makes it easy to learn rocket science with an interactive approach.


Satellite Simulator

Satellites are inaccessible to the general of the population. AstroMissions let's you launch your own satellite with a click of a button.


Exciting missions

Spectacular videos and step-by-step instructions to operate the satellite simulator and its instruments.

Mission 1: Launch

Ready for rocket science? Watch the launch of a satellite and get to know the latest advancements in rocketry. Launch the satellite simulator and learn how to operate it.

Mission 2: Is the Earth Flat?

Debunk this growing trend! Join us on a cosmic voyage that will take you into the edge of the observable universe. Take advantage of your satellite simulator to record a video of Earth and watch its curvature from space.

Mission 3: GPS

How does the GPS work? Learn more about Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and their operational principles. Track the GPS satellites that are flying above your satellite simulator.

Educational videos

Learning doesn't always need to be done with a pen and paper. AstroMissions has many educational videos that explain different subjects in interesting ways.

Inspiring videos

Knowledge is great, but sometimes students need more. AstroMissions unleashes everyone's potential and revitalizes their love for science.

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The satellite simulator is simple but powerful

Many instruments, real science, hours of fun.

World Map

World Map

The satellite can be visualized on a world map. This projection of position lets you know where the satellite is flying.

One-click Launch

One-click Launch

As simple as pressing a button.
The satellite simulator can be started with just a click. It is very easy!
After pressing the button, you can see the initialization of the satellite simulator.

Simulator Controller

Simulator Controller

Take control of the simulation. You can change the speed of the simulation or pause it completely with a simple interface.

Orbital dynamics engine

Under the hood there's an orbital dynamics engine which provides realistic orbital data. The built-in engine provides representative space dynamics for the satellite.

Play with the instruments

The satellite simulator has instruments that allow you to execute actions. You can try the different instruments by following the instructions on the interactive missions.

Satellite Instruments

The satellite simulator has many instruments which you can use.

App: GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

Track the GPS satellites that are flying around the satellite simulator!

Cosmic Radio

Cosmic Radio

Listen to the early beginnings of the Big Bang and learn how it was created.

Solar panels

Watch what happens when a solar panel gets hit by space debris!


Receive telemetry parameters from the satellite simulator and the instruments.


Execute actions with the instruments and receive multimedia videos, images, and others.

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